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Cable Types We Offer

Many of the cables we offer come in a choice of cable types. To help you choose, please look below at more advice. There are no hard and fast rules about which cable is best, it's a matter of personal taste, like choosing a fine wine.
We're very anxious that you're completely satisfied with your purchase, so you're very welcome to order any of the cables to try on your own system for up to 30 days from receiving your order, and return the unwanted cable/s for a full refund of the cable/s purchase price. You only pay for the return postage.


Premiere cables featuring DIN connectors have 'damped' DIN bodies and pins to reduce interference from mechanical vibration and so do not have any form of locking mechanism, as to do so would defeat the 'damping'. This cable is said by many users to sound 'open and focused and can be ordered in a choice of 7 colours.
Please note - Premiere cables often take 48 hours to assemble and dispatch.


Performance cable is a favourite amongst our customers who are Naim users. They say that this cable sounds like Naim's own Black SNAIC cables, only more so. However, when used with Quad equipment, some listeners find that the cable sounds too bright, but others say this type of cable gives more detail to Quad equipment.


This is the equivalent to the 'grey' cable Naim supply with some of their CD players.


EHG stands for Extra High Grade and has been in our cable range from the very beginning (2002). It's warm sound suits Quad equipment very well and some customers have used it in other systems to tame bright digital sources.

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